Sunday, November 26, 2006

Modify the RSS icon for your blog or site!

The RSS feed icon has an orange colour by default. According to the RSS icon's license you are free to change its colour so the icon fits well to your site. There are two ways to change the colour: one using Adobe Illustrator (which means change the colour manually) and one using Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator gives a little bit better results but this way is more difficult if you are not an Illustrator user. Anyway most of the times we use small versions of RSS icon, so its hard to notice a difference. I will show you the "easy" way using Photoshop. Lets start! First of all download the feed icons from here (there are PSD, EPS, JPEG and PNG versions of the icon in the zip file). Unzip the file and:
  • Open the greyscale folder and choose the .psd icon you want (for example the 128x128 which is the biggest dimensions offered).
  • After you open the file with Photoshop, check if the layer pallete is visible. If not press F7 to make it visible.
  • Right click on the "Feed icon" layer in layers pallete and select "Blending Options"
  • Select "Color Overlay" on the left. This will make the entire icon solid red!
  • Change the "Blend mode" to color as shown in the photo.
  • Click on the color swatch and a select the color you want.
  • Click ok and then go to File, save for web and then save the file in png 24 format and you are ready! I made the icon green and that is how it looks like!

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