Saturday, December 02, 2006

How to speed up your computer's boot

As you may have noticed, when Windows boot, a lot of programs start running in the background (you can see these programs alongside with windows's processes in the task manager -processes tab- by pressing ctr+alt+del. Most of them put also an icon in system tray). These programs of course take time to load, which means that Windows take more time to boot! Most of the times, programs that run in the background are not needed, so you can eliminate your system's boot time by disabling them. Lets start:
  • Press start and then select run
  • Type msconfig and press enter
  • In the window that appears choose the Startup tab
  • Here is the list of programs that load when you boot your system and continue running in the background. Disable any program that you want, click "apply" and then "ok". Restart your system when you are promt to and enjoy how faster your pc boots!
Notice that it is safe to disable all these applications! They have nothing to do with the services that run also in background. You can leave in the startup list any program you want to load when you boot up your system (for example msn messenger or skype).


Andy said...

hi from South Africa

rAKeSH said...

simple and effective. thanks dude.

Nikos Psy2k said...

@Andy welcome
@rakesh nice to see you in my blog man :)

Motivator said...

You must really know the program which you used during boot up like spyware and adware since they are the one which makes your boot up much slower like skype and other stuff as well. Other things which you could do to start up boot process is System Configuration Utility .One of the first places to help speed boot time in Windows is to make some simple changes to the system BIOS.