Sunday, November 19, 2006

Google Webmaster's tool to your blog!

Google analytics lets you track your visitors and be informed about how they see your blog. Time to be informed on how Google and its crawler (Googlebot) see your blog. Go the Google Webmasters page, sign in using your Google account and click "Webmasters tools (including sitemaps)". Type your blog or site url (the procedure is tha same) and click "add". Then you will be asked to verify your url by adding a META tag or by uploading an HTML file. If you use blogger select verify via META tag. Select the META tag, right click, copy. Then sign in to blogger, open the edit template window and find the < /head > tag. Paste the META tag exactly before the < /head > tag. Click save template changes. After you placed the META tag go to Google Webmasters again and click "Verify". You will be promted that your blog was verified successfully and now you can get full information on how your blog is crawled by Google. Information appears after 5-6 days (some information like page rank or crawl/index stats appear later). You can see when Googlebot last accessed your url, if your site is included in Google index, and if it is included, what page rank it has and various other query, index and crawl stats. If you had modified robots.txt and you do not allow Google crawlers to access a specific url in your site, you can see it in Google Webmasters too. Information on how to modify your template for not allowing access to search engine crawlers in a few days.

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Daniel said...

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