Friday, November 10, 2006

Clean up!

If you notice that your hard disk drive is almost full, try the followings:
  1. Go to start-->Programs-->Accessories-->System tools and run a disk cleanup. Decide what you want to delete from the list and clean it.
  2. After you cleaned your drive, double click on my computer icon. After my computer is opened, click Tools on the top, next to Favorites, and select Folders Options. Select the Second tab next to General
  3. Select show hidden files and folders.
  4. Click ok.
  5. Now you should be with my computer folder opened if you followed the steps above. Double click your hard drive icon (C: probably)
  6. Double click documents and setting
  7. There should be three folders: One with your name, one called "Default user" (which is hidden folder) and one called "All users". Double click to open the one with your name.
  8. Double click Local Setting (also hidden folder) and open temp folder.
  9. Delete everything that is in this folder.
  10. Empty your recycle bin and you are ready.
Temp folder contains files that are usually used, or installation temporary files. These files could be safely deleted without causing problem to the windows xp installation and stability. Temp folder could contain Gigabytes of data if it is not oftenly cleaned.

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