Monday, January 22, 2007

How to find your MAC adress

It is very easy to discover your MAC adress (MAC adress is needed sometimes to make operations on your network or router). So follow these steps and you will discover your MAC adress:
  1. Click Start, Run and type cmd in the text box
  2. When the command promt window opens, type ipconfig/all
The 12-digit Physical adress is the same as your MAC adress.
You will have multiple MAC adresses if you have both wired and wireless connection on your system.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another way to track your blog traffic

Searching through the Internet, I found 103bees. 103bees is a service, with which you can track the visitors of your blog or site. I use it alongside with Google Analytics, because 103bees offers the option to see what search terms did users entered and reached your pages through search engines (like google, yahoo and live) and what was your page ranking in the results. It is very easy to track your visitors with 103bees, you just have to register an account (it is completely free), add some code to every page you want to track (the codes loads up very quickly and validates for w3c standards) and you are ready. Although 103bees is very usefull, it cannot replace completely Google Analytics, as Analytics offer the geo map overlay, marketing information about your site and various other statistics.