Friday, November 10, 2006

Benchmark your pc! Is it stable?

Here is a very simple guide to benchmark your computer and see how it performs. First of all download Cinebench 9.5 and Stability Test (broadand connection required for cinebench. Both of them do not need installation). Close all programs, so the maximum amount of ram and virtual memory is free. Now:
  1. Open Cinebench. First we are going to benchmark the cpu.
  2. Click the "Rendering (1 Cpu)" icon (if you have a dual core cpu this test uses only the one core).
  3. After the test is finished and if you have a dual-core cpu click the "Rendering (x Cpu)" icon. As you see now in the rendered picture, the process takes less time and both cores are used. When the test is fineshed you can see under "Rendering" buttons how faster is your pc when both cores are used. Performances over 435CB-CPU are considered as high.
  4. If you have a graphics accelerated card you can run the three graphics tests below.
  5. Time for stability test! That means time to burn our cpus. Unrar Stability test and double click the CPUStabTest icon.
  6. Select Normal mode and click start. Stability test uses 100% of cpu. To see if your system is stable let the test burning your cpu for about 12 hours. If after 12 hours your system has not restarted and has not crashed, it means that it is stable and that it has no thermal problems.
If your system crashes or restarts, you should pay attention to its thermal behaviour. Check that the air flow in the pc case is ok, and clean the fans (dust does not let them work correctly).

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