Monday, November 13, 2006

How to add a Youtube video in your blog!

First of all find the video that you want to embed in your blog in YouTube. On the right of the video there is a column below tags and above related videos list which is named "Embed"! Select the code that is written in the column, right click and then copy. Go to your blog, write the post in which you want to include the video. Then click the "edit HTML" tab (for blogger users, it is next to compose on the up right side of "create/edit post" window) and paste the code you copied from Embed column in Youtube. Be sure you paste the whole code (check that the code you pasted starts with tag and ends with tag). Click publish, view your blog and you are ready to watch the video you embeded!



Hi Nikos. Thx a lot, in the future I will follow your technology advices and you can check the result in few days. Some times I will shift the photos to videos.
Gábor (

Georgia said...

Πού ήσουνα παιδί μου εσύ τόσες μέρες που σιχτιρίζω πάνω από το pc????? Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there..

I already tried your tips and it works.. thank you so much..