Friday, December 22, 2006

Create a shortcut to shut down your PC

Did you know that you can log off, shut down or restart your pc with a single click? Here is the way: Right click on the desktop and select create, new shorcut. Write (or browse the path) C:\Windows\System32\Shutdown.exe (where C is the letter of the drive on which Windows are installed to) and click next. Name your shortcut as you want and click finish. Then single click the shortcut you created and select properties. In target field add to the command line -1 if you want log off function for your shortcut, -s if you want shut down or -r if you want restart function. After adding this, you can add also -t x (where x is seconds) if you want a countdown until your system shuts down or restarts. Also you can add -c "text" (where text write anything you want) if you want a text message to appear when you click your shorcut.

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rAKeSH said...

happy new year dude. :)
I have released the dark template but its still not fully done. so I will still try and work on it. final work will be complete soon.